Water & Sewer

Planning a Sewer System Installation Project?

Planning a Sewer System Installation Project?

Use our designs to help your community grow in the Tuscaloosa, AL area

Does your new development need a water system installation before it can open? Does your city need its water systems upsized? Either way, Porter-Higginbotham Engineering, Inc. is here to help. Our experts can help you customize the plans for your water or sewer line installation.

Visit one of our offices in Fayette or Tuscaloosa, AL today to discuss your water system installation design with a pro.

Why build municipal utility systems?

We serve municipalities throughout Alabama that want to install new sewer or water lines that work on gravity and pressure flow systems. Our engineers in the Tuscaloosa, AL area will help you build municipal utilities that:

Provide public services to your community
Are regulated by your city's government
Keep the revenue they earn in your city

To learn more about the benefits of our water and sewer line installation services, call 205-247-3212 today.